1st Advisory Board meeting 2013

1st DAASE Advisory Board meeting 2013

The 1st DAASE project Advisory Board meeting took place on 27th February 2013 at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor.  As this was the 1st Advisory Board meeting the Advisory Board members had a chance to meet the DAASE team and vice-versa.  An overall introduction of the project was given and every team and board member gave a short presentation about their research interests.

Furthermore, the general objectives and goals of the project were outlined and explained to the board. The board members then had the opportunity advised on research issued and recommended aspects that could be included in the project. 


Advisory Board Members:

Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH



Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH

Air France KLM

Park Air Systems Ltd

Visa Europe

Mike Holcombe, University of Sheffield, UK

Marta Zofia Kwiatkowska, University of Oxford, UK

Erwin Pesch, Universit├Ąt Siegen, Germany

Marc Schoenauer, INRIA Saclay Research Center, France

Kate Smith-Miles, Monash University, Australia

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